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Renaissance Re-Up in 2020


I believe our society is reaching a new renaissance. Cultural growth with healthy living, yoga practice and energy healing is being even more acceptable in our society than before.  Spiritual growth with metaphysics on our side is also gaining popularity.

Stress is real and people are looking for solutions.


I just came back from a card reading party. There were about 15 people for dinner. Lots of good eats. I read 4 people for about 20-25 minutes each. We started late and it was primarily a dinner party. I had no time to do more. They were all excited about the readings. One person showed lots of tears in her reading. I found out later that her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I hope that I gave her some sort of solace.

Card reading is fun. I never get dark. But, I will elude to being alert to any sort of danger. To be more vigil if you will.  Be cautious, before doing something or making decisions.  It’s the best advice.  Alas, some things can not be avoided.  Don’t forget, there is also good news.


Getting back to metaphysics. People can predict the future. It has been proven.  You may believe in parallel worlds – for lack of a better explanation.  Spiraling energy is more like it. Einstein was working on similar theories.  Basically, Einstein said the answer is all around us. We are still looking and learning.


Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon, Ingo Swann, Sylvia Browne and more are renowned psychics. I read books and articles about these people. Jean Dixon had warned the Kennedy’s about the trip to Dallas, Tx. ? Did she really make that prediction? Her prediction may have happened. What we hear in the news is sometimes skewed and …untrue. You can believe it or not. This is the same with card reading, palm readings and more. You can say it is true or not. But, you can definitely say it is not ‘not true’.  Only ‘believe’ what you want to believe and keep an open mind.  Open you mind to new realms.  Don’t be quick to dismiss ideas if you can not see them with your eyes.


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Psychic Reading – Real or Fake?

OUR WORLD is unraveling mysteries of the past. The 6 senses are what we know best. The ancients professed to have more senses. These ideas were lost as the leaders were killed off along with their way of life and secrets.

ANCIENT MINDS: We have some idea about the society that inhabited the earth 5,000 (or more) years ago. They left behind a few clues. Today, with still have very little information as we are continuing to try and understand their culture.  Good Vibrations: The Beach Boys got it right. Music vibrations help our minds to source out thoughts. Almost like a conduit. The earth and all living things vibrate. What is the connection with our ability to see the future events and vibrations?  It is a hard question to answer with certainty since we are delving into the abstract world.

The gypsies were reportedly the first people to read crystal balls and cards. Coming from Egypt, these gypsy ‘nomads’ traveled far and wide; reaching many countries. What is true today was true many years ago. Some readers are good and some are -yes fakes.
It has been said that society, or humans, originated in North Africa along with Italy (Romans) and the Greeks (Plato). Documents support this theory.  Another well known fact is that gypsies and fortune tellers originated from the desert wastelands of Egypt. Remember, back then, it was not quite the desert as we know today. The early Egyptians were very serious about their dreams and thoughts. They were known to explore the mind in its infinite capacity. This included their psychic abilities. Aside: No Egyptian philosophers were recorded. Only the Greek Plato emerged in 429 B.C. as the first well known sage. It is so hard to believe there are no records of the Egyptians’ brilliant minds. The only explanation is that these records were destroyed.

Some of us have tapped into this energy realm and have been successful in predicting people’s outcome; predicting their future to some extent. It is kind of a gift. We need to recognize these moments of clarity when we feel the strings of ‘other’ thoughts pulling on our minds. Yes we can develop and nurture these skills. It’s like a volcano. It can be dormant or erupt now and then or flare up on a continual basis.

Theresa Caputo


Yes, some readers are fake. They don’t mean to be. They truly think they are good readers. They know the fundamentals and think that is enough. Usually, they have an overwhelming desire to be readers. They lack the true skill that psychic readers possess.  Word of mouth is your best bet. As far as I can tell, the “Long Island Medium” is gifted. You decide for yourself.

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Card Reading Party

The beginning of my card reading days was from my mom at the kitchen table. We played Canasta and read cards.  The rest of the household had retired for the evening, or were reading books in our rooms. A family of readers. We always had a quiet house. Playing cards was a quiet activity. It was allowed. Mom told us that she learned how to read cards from her mother. And her mom learned how to read cards from a local gypsy.

Wheel of Life
Wheel of Life

HISTORY: My Grammy got started reading cards from the local gypsy. She went every Sunday afternoon to get her cards read and her tea leaves read. The gypsies used plain cards not tarot cards. Interesting enough they follow the lines of tarot cards. Plain cards are harder to read as you may guess. But, easy for me and mom. The gypsy and my Grammy became friends and that was when she learned to read cards herself. We thought it was all very grand and mysterious when we were told that the ‘great card reader’ was a real gypsy. Three generations of card readers in our family!  I became a good card reader. We always had fun with it.  I read cards for my friends on lazy summer days and traveling in Europe.  It would break up the monotony.  I was able to predict people’s futures (to a certain extent).  Later on,  I was asked to attend parties and read cards.  It was fun. So many thoughts flying through the air.  I read the cards just as it comes to me. I do not try to make up stuff.  I just say what comes to me.  It’s a natural flow.  If I do not see anything ~which sometimes happens ~  then the cards will be put away.

Professional Card Reader

The best readings are done after dusk. Daytime readings are good too. Closest to midnight is even better. A quiet room, low lighting and no distractions is the essential requirement for a reading. Candles provides the atmosphere.  The interesting part was that I was good at it. My sister told me that when I read “someone’s” cards, everything happened the way I said it would.  Summers at the cottage: We would get the cards out and the fun begins.  I thought where I am getting these ideas. It was a bit strange then I thought maybe it’s a gift I have tapped in on. My mother was a bit of a psychic. How do I know?  I remember one morning, she said, ” I had this strange dream of a hurricane” as a passing comment.  A few days later, a fluke hurricane went through a nearby city. We didn’t dwell on these instances. But, there is something there that is unexplained as you well know.  I don’t think one can study this talent. I read cards when I  traveled in Europe to pass the time. When we stayed in Cambridge, England,  I read cards one evening for the family that ran one of Cambridge’s rooming houses. It was accurate enough that identified the recent death of the dad. I softened the reading to prevent an uncomfortable reading. It was all there in spades!


Evening’s Entertainment: … Friends and Family Get Together At The Convenience Of Your Home
Interested? …my Fee is $200 for …… A READING PARTY (up to 8 persons)

One person reading is $30.00

Note: I can only do up to 8 readings at one party.

I will  provide references from successful readings (if you need it). A 50% deposit is needed to book the reading or party. Location of reading is in Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton and Toronto. Cancellations and rescheduling is acceptable ~no penalty.