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Spiritual Metaphysics

Nurture and Foster Your Spirit


What is it? If you need a refresher, metaphysics deals with abstract thought and about first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity. How does it link to ‘our’ reality. I still have not grasped it 100%. But, I am still trying to understand.

Metaphysics is another discussion that tips on energy. I did take a course on Philosophy of Science. Our instructor was a former engineer who worked at NASA for a time. He had good stories. Make that great stories. Eye opening and quantified what we thought were phenomenons. We never had a course on metaphysics per say or a department. I guess it was considered too flimsy. However, I‘m very careful about what I believe and question everything. At the same time, I keep an open mind. Studying math at University helped in understanding the closeness of things. The ground work for a good engineer. I’m really not absolutely sure about anything. Lots of things are still a mystery to me. I can’t help but still wonder to this day.

This Is Not Philosophy ….it’s Physics

We need to be reminded that  “Energy is everywhere”.  I remember a happy time seeing a picture of me at the beach when I was 10 years old reading a book about Einstein. Who on earth would be reading about Einstein at the beach. GEEKS!!! Happy thoughts. I am a big fan! Mathematically, Einstein developed a formula to the power of 9. This means 9 dimensions. Think about it. Our minds may be able to travel ahead of time. It sounds unbelievable because we live in a 3 dimensional world.  But, where do our thoughts live. Our thoughts are abstract at times. Imagination is another key word that opens other dimensions. We are still infants in this area of learning.

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Intuitive Tarot Card Reading

What is Intuition?

All intuitive messages come through energy. Energy is everywhere and connects everything, Energy connects all of us. Sensing energy is actually not difficult to do. Your body does it all the time. In fact, your body and your brain are built to tune in and feel energy exquisitely.

Intuition Is Part of An Energy Flow

Merge Your Intuition With Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Cards: Intuitive Reading

Have you ever read the Tarot for someone who knows very little about Tarot yet has this magical, intuitive energy around them? Perhaps they’re a talented Tarot reader, but they just don’t know it yet, or they’re highly psychic but haven’t found a way to access this part of themselves. Is that person maybe you?

Tarot ‘s Celtic Cross Spread

This is the spread I use. It’s been passed down from my grandmother to mom and now me. Grammy learned it from a traveling gypsy band. It was word of mouth no books here. Although the interpretation is a bit different than what books will tell. The 4 side cards were interwoven into what we called “the wheel of life”. -inserted on an angle between the vertical outside cards. The angle and position was significant in the interpretation. We pull out one more card that sets up the tone of the reading. I read or relate the side cards to the cross. You have to in order to make sense of it all. I read plain cards too. They work well You need a gifted understandin of tarot cards. Start by memorizing the meaning and read several interpretations to decide which one makes the most sense to you. Then, research the history and origin of these cards to get more insight. The rest is intuative…You an also call it psychic.

Tarot Reading: Celtic Cross Spread

TOP Ten ( Intuative ) Tarot cards

Biddy has a wonderful grasp on Tarot Card Reading and intuition. Check her courses .Get your FREE E-BOOK “The Top 10 Tarot Cards for all kinds of Tarot card Readings.


High Priestess – The High Priestess is the most intuitive card of the Tarot deck. She sits at the gate between the subconscious and the conscious, the unknown and the known. She holds the book of mystery and secret knowledge in her hands and she guides the seeker between the worlds with supreme care and compassion. If you see the High Priestess in your Tarot reading, you’re dealing with heightened psychic awareness and it’s about time you pay attention to your intuition!


Moon – The moon itself appears as a source of light, but in reality, we know that it is simply reflecting the light of the sun – not all is as it seems. And so it is with intuition and psychic ability. We may not be able to explain fully our intuitive hunches but we know that they are there. When you see the Moon in a Tarot reading, be attuned to the subconscious mind and the intuitive ‘pull’ you may be feeling around a particular situation.


Queen of Cups – Of all the court cards, the Queen of Cups is the most intuitive and psychic being. As a Queen, she is highly receptive, open and compassionate. And as the Queen of Cups, she is in full alignment with her intuition, her emotions and her soul. She either represents an aspect of yourself, or an intuitive guide who is supporting you on your journey.


Ace of Cups – As an intuitive card, the Ace of Cups represents that moment where you feel all of your emotional energy overflowing with joy and bliss, and you just know that you are on the right path. New potential and new opportunity is abundant and you know intuitively within yourself that the energy is pure.


Four of Cups – Whilst not a traditionally intuitive card, the Four of Cups suggests that through meditation and temporary retreat from the outside world, we can go deep within ourselves and connect with our intuitive voice. Be open to psychic visualisations and intuitive messages that come to you during these times of retreat.

Ace of Swords-Clarity


Ace of Swords – While the Ace of Cups represents the emotional element of intuitive insight, the Ace of Swords represents the clarity of thought that comes when you are 100% listening to your intuition. Intuition is like a bolt of lightning where there is no denying what you have experienced. It is not the ego, but it is crystal clear insight that accompanies a breakthrough.


Lovers – The Lovers shows that when you are in pure alignment with Source and oneself, you open yourself to intuitive insights that are filled with pure love and pure thought.

Empress – intuition growth


Empress – During pregnancy, many women experience heightened intuition and psychic ability. Similarly, when you are nurturing and then ‘birthing’ something (an idea, a project, etc.), you’re often in tune with what is needed to bring this into being. As you connect with your creativity and with the Earth, you also connect with your intuition in a way that supports your growth.


Page of Cups – As a Page, you are opening yourself up to a new part of yourself, or a new skill set. And as the Page of Cups, it is a sign that you are learning to access your intuition and you are developing your psychic skills with a new level of curiosity. So if you’re not learning Tarot yet, get started!


Star – The Star is pure energy and reflects that you are connecting with the Universe in beautiful ways. The more you open yourself up to receive, the more that this Universal energy flows freely into your life. There is purity in intention as you explore your intuitive abilities and the psychic world.

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How Does A Séance Cope With Negative Energy?

Positive Energy Makes A Good Séance.

You need to have faith. Séances are conducted by people; that ‘believe’ . They believe there are spirits or spiritual energy that surrounds us all the time. As a rule, they foster good will and positive energy. Some try to connect with loved ones because they miss them so much. There is love and positive intentions. Do not nurture bad thoughts or spirits. In a nutshell, believe in yourself and good things will happen to you!


If a séance circle is composed of too many disbelievers, the séance will likely be ineffective. This is because negative energy by far over radiates compared to positive energy. This means that it would take two believers for every one non believer in order for a séance to have a chance of being effective. A nonbeliever would be classified as someone who does not believe in life after death, ghosts, séances or mediums. Sometimes it is as simple as removing all the disbelievers from the room and communication with the deceased loved one or spirit will ensue.

Free Will: Which One Are You?

We all have free will to do whatever we want. Maybe a scary thought because we can go one way or the other. We can decide whether to be negative all the time.; grumpy and complaining. Or, nurture positive thoughts and actions. Which one are you?


HOUDINI continued the popularity of seances when he said he would connect on Halloween. It had some popularity. But, that is long gone.

Séance Table Searching For Houdini. Communication with Deceased Spirits

When did Séances begin?

late 19th and early 20th centuries. It became trendy and popular to hold a séance performed by a medium, who would run the gathered groups’ activities.Mary Todd held séances in the white house trying to connect with her son who passed away. Today, séances have lost their popularity. If there is an online séance on the Internet that might get people’s attention. Who knows? (There may be a revival at some point in time.)

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Is The White House Haunted?

Look Who’s Talking?

Grace Coolidge, Roosevelt, Lady Bird Johnson, and Jackie Kennedy, all of whom claimed to have seen Lincoln’s ghost or felt his presence in the White House. This would be an opportunity to address the spirits in a seance in order to talk and to find out why the spirits are still there. (Or, did they already do it.)

The Spirit Is Strong!

Multiple First Family members have noted strange and unexplained goings-on in their temporary abode. Truman wrote of hearing banging and scratches at his office door as he authorized the final development and deployment of the atom bomb. President Taft forbade mention of this image of a terrifying small boy who ran around the halls and was referred to as “The Thing”. The few stories we hear are not elaborate. Mary (and possibly also Abe) Lincoln conducted séances in its rooms. Reagan based a number of his most significant decisions on the counsel of a spiritualist.(So they say). Rumors have a way of twisting and turning.

Few Haunting Stories From The White House

Not much more is known about the haunting and spirits in the white house. Little is talked about, even today. These secrets are well guarded.

Rose Bedroom & Lincoln Bedroom

The Rose Room and the Lincoln bedroom top the chart as the most haunted rooms in the white House. According to White House lore, there is an inexplicable cold spot on the canopy bed in the room where Jackson slept. Among the most notable reports, Mary Todd Lincoln claimed to have heard Jackson swearing and White House seamstress Lilian Parks felt his presence over her, which she recounted in her memoirs about her time in the White House. Not to be outdone, Lincoln has also been spotted here in the Rose Room (bed room). When Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands stayed in this bedroom, she answered a knock on the door one night and saw Lincoln’s ghost standing in the hallway.

Lincoln’s Bedroom, White House, USA
Queen’s Bedroom Was Originally Called The Rose Room

White House

First Built in October 1792

The White House is a structure surrounded by cameras yet deeply private; part office, part prison. But it’s not just the discomfort of living in a whitewashed fish bowl that makes 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue a place of fear. The portraits on the walls (with whom Nixon carried on drunken conversations), the antique fireplaces (coming from which Jenna Bush repeatedly heard strange voices and piano music)—every feature of the place is stained by the past. Americans will not let this building crumble since it is a historical building and historical hauntings come with it.

Still Standing After All These Years
Reconstruction of the White House from 1948 to 1952 (Pres.Truman).
White House Moving Day ~ IN COMING!!!

As The Presidency Changes Hands, More Stories, More Hauntings Are Revealed. No one stays long enough to get very upset over these hauntings, do they!

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Sound Touches Every Cell in Our Body

Sound is a type of energy. If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies.”– Integrative Oncologist Dr Mitchell Gaynor

Sound Is All Around

Mozart Effect

The most talked about sound in the 1990’s is the “Mozart Effect” to be believed to enhance intelligence. You can read reams of studies and reports. You may agree or disagree with the findings. But, what about STRESS and how it produces cortizol in the body. (Cortisol is a stress hormone released by the adrenal glands). Mozart is the most relaxing sounds of classical composers. If listening to Mozart makes you relax, then cortizol production must be effected. No stress, no cortisol. You can even go so far to say less heart attacks.

After an evening of classical music, my body is still vibrating with sounds the next morning (and I’m happy). My computer classes had 80% students that took some sort of music lessons in their youth. No studies were made of that correlation. I know this because one day, our teacher asked us out of the blue, ” Show of hands. Who in here took music lessons as a child?” Only 3 students were not musically trained.

True Fact

The physical brain develops differently when a child studies music. Better problem solvers. No ADHD children. All the energy is transferred to the instrument.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

In Conclusion

Yes, if you are feeling a bit down, bored or thinking negative thoughts, then put on Mozart or an equivalent, do some stretches or get on the bike or run. Clean the kitchen and listen to Ludwig or Wolfgang. Whatever it takes.

Cleaning With Music Is Easier