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Modern Card Reading

As our world changes, we need to adapt. Whispering Violet is considering telephone and video (Zoom) card readings.


Zoom meetings and videos have embraced society by storm. A necessity for health safety that will stay with us forever. This is a good medium to visit with others without leaving your living room.

Violet said, “I am baby stepping into Zoom and start with a few private readings. If it is successful I will be providing Zoom Readings.”

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Zoom Fits On Your Tablet, Laptop and Desktop

ZOOM: ‘Fake’ Backgrounds

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds. Link to Free backgrounds you can load up and use when you are in Zoom!

Card Readings With ZOOM

I have heard of a few successful remote readings. It is possible. I need to discover for myself, if I do have the skills to succeed in Zoom. I do telephone readings, and they have been successful. It’s a new world out there. Zoom is perfectly coined. We connect with each other very fast. Z-O-O-M. We need to embrace change with an adventurous soul. I’m excited to see what will happen in Zoom Card Readings!